Amal journey

Adil Farooq
4 min readJun 9, 2021


A Ship that will lead you to your better self.

Today, when I am writing this Reflection blog on this Amal journey, I do remember the day when I first time applied for this fellowship and received an email saying, You are not selected. Yes, I did not quit and applied for a second time. This time I got the Interview call but was not able to do well in the Interview and got rejected again. I did apply for the second time, this time I was more prepared, enthusiastic, and hopeful to be part of this amazing journey. This time I got selected. I am proud of myself that I put so much effort to be part of this wonderful journey. No doubt Amal Fellowship has taught me so many things that I have not even thought of. And believe me, now I am an improved version of myself both on personal and professional notes.

Why Amal?

If someone asks me now, why to choose Amal. I would say why not. Amal is teaching you those things that will make you a better version of yourself. Amal has taught me those skills that our education system does not even focus on. If you want to improve yourself then there is no better place than Amal.

What I have learnt so far?

There are so many things I have learnt through this wonderful platform. The very first thing I learnt here is not to judge others, never comment on anyone, always appreciate other people’s work. Showing Gratitude, Constructive Feedback, Communication skills, Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Leadership and this is just an ice of the berg. Technical skills like Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Business Writing that I learned are going to help me in future. The PASSENGER series prepared me well for the interview. Preparing the CV and Resume was not an easy task for me. The courses on Interview preparation were thorough and very well designed. The mock interview gave me a chance to apply all those skills and practice them in a real interview scenario. In short, Amal’s journey has boosted my confidence and prepared me to jump into the practical world.

An experience from the fellowship :

There are a lot of moments flashing through my mind when I am thinking of an event worthy to mention here. I would like to mention the time when one of our fellows shared her story. When people used to call her names because of the pimples she had on her. First time in the fellowship journey I was about to cry. I felt someone’s pain like never before. I would say this was the moment when I realized how toxic our words even expressions can be.

Her story made me remember the mistakes that I made, the words I said, the people I hurt. My words flashed through my mind that I said to my class fellow once (making fun of her short stature) :

Are you going to host the event? You will be needing a chair to stand on otherwise people will be wondering why there is a voice but no person.


Yes, it was a good jock for me but was a heartbreaking moment for someone.

When that Amal fellow shared her story I realized how many hearts I have broken. How many people might have cried because of my toxic words? To me, this is the most memorable learning moment throughout Amal’s journey. Choose your words carefully because these words can make someone’s life or can break it.

In the end, I wanna say Thank You to all of my Amal fellows for so much learning. A round of applause for Mam Sahar and Sir Saim, our Program Manager and Associate Manager, respectively. My gratitude to every person who participated in making these Amazing Amal courses a fun way to learning. My special thanks go to Benge Williams, who took this initiative. He has inspired me to work on Community Building and made my faith strong on Working for the betterment of the world without any personal cause.

Thanks, AMAL.