Adil Farooq
4 min readJun 4, 2021


A group of fellows joined together to bring the most amazing hand-crafted products. All items are a result of the great hard work and utmost dedication of the inspirational females of AIKA FOUNDATION. Hence, the name “Dast-e-Niswaan”, which means Women’s Hands.



This project is the blend of an entrepreneurial idea and a social cause. Our goal is to employ unemployed women in shelter homes. The Aika Foundation does not have any online platform to sell products. We are providing them an online selling platform.

Our role in this project is that we will provide money from our resources to the workers for buying the raw material. We will get the product and sell it online. We will keep the profit to buy further raw material so that we don’t have to spend our own money every time. The rest of the collection is given to the welfare of the women welfare. There is another aspect of this project. We are promoting handmade items only. We are providing a platform for selling handicrafts/handmade items in this modern tech era.


In our megaproject blog 1, we mentioned the task we have done so far. But the tasks we have to do after that are still in progress.

  1. As in our timeline, we have mentioned that we have to make pages on social media to sell the products. We managed to make the page on Facebook on 31st May and Instagram by linking it with Facebook on 2nd June.
  2. We are uploading 2–3 product pictures every day.
  3. We were able to have a meeting with the Aika member, Mr. Mustafa Chuhan, and confirmed the number of workers and prices of the products.
  4. We are also promoting the pages in our friend group and family.
  5. We are also trying to link our pages with the Aika Welfare Foundation for the promotion.
Facebook and Instagram pages


We were a few days off in making the online pages because almost all the members in the group were busy. Although it was the duty of one person to make the pages and one person to create the post, it was difficult to be done on time. Therefore, all the members together made the pages by dividing different portions, for example, one person created the page and others added the logo, description, numbers, and posts.

We have realized that we have done a huge task till now but the main purpose of the megaproject started now. Getting orders is not an easy task. The promotion of the business and getting the orders from customers take time. It requires an immense level of patience. But, we are still trying to do that. Our strategy for this is still the same. We are promoting it in the family and friend circle.


We made a little change in our strategy about the price of the products. For the start, we have negotiable prices. We are not giving the price tag along with the post but we have written to message us directly with the product name. We also answer any queries about the product. The prices are revealed in the reply to the message by the customer. We opted for this strategy because prices may vary according to the product size.


We are creating a positive impact on the community that we are doing this project to help the needy women in the different welfare foundations. We are employing 17 women in the Silai center of Aika Foundation People are appreciating the step we have taken for the development of unprivileged women. We as young social workers are inspiring many other people to do the same, for making this world a little less difficult for the vulnerable.

We are encouraging more people with our project because we are starting from a small amount of money of our own. This is not about how much money we have to invest but this is about taking initiative. We have taken ownership of this task and we are hoping to continue it with other people’s support.


Our sustainability plan for projects in the community is very simple. We will be working on the promotion of the pages. We will provide good quality products to the customer. We will make sure that we deliver all the products on time and in the right place. We will be replying to all queries about the product. We will also be addressing if customers have any complaints about the product. We would like to get the customer’s feedback about the product to make the quality of the product next time.

We will keep the profit and give the rest of the amount to the creators/workers for our financial sustainability. We have to keep the profit for maintaining the cycle of the raw material supply. We need this money to buy the raw material but the rest of the amount owes to the women.


#Amal Academy