Fixing stuff around yourself

Adil Farooq
2 min readApr 2, 2021

Do little things matter at all ?

It is said that :

A great man is not the one who builds something great but small things in a great way.

Doing daily routine tasks in a good way is also a great thing. Keeping your surrounding neat and clean all the time may not seems to be something big to you but it has a great psychological impact not only on you but also on the people around you . It has impact on your progress , your mood , your focus on a specific work , your behavior towards other people and similarly other people’s behavior towards you.

I was doing course of ‘ Everyday Leadership’ sitting in drying room , this DIY activity helped me realize the importance of fixing things around yourself. Here’s the pictures showing things before and fixing them.


As you can see that the blanket and cushions are not at its place making things looking inappropriate.


So I took the initiative and placed the cushions at their place and folded the blanket properly , so things are looking very much appropriate now.

How this simple act is related to Leadership?

Yes , this simple act is an act of everyday leadership . When you take steps to make things correct surrounding yourself , you are putting courage in yourself to make things correct that will be bigger than this.

If it was not an Amal activity I was not going to do this as my nephew 1 year old cannot see things at their place ,hahahha.