Getting Closer to your Mega Project Problem

Adil Farooq
4 min readApr 9, 2021

“sometimes we are so much habitual of abnormal that we start to take it as normal”

It is not bad if you are living in a bad environment but it is really bad if you are taking that bad environment as normal and do not want to change it. We all must consider bad thing as bad and must try hard to eliminate it , a bad thing must not become part of our society especially if it is about the cleanliness our societies . We need to clean our streets , parks and communities as we should keep our homes clean.

a view near my society where I go for morning walk.

Cleanliness is half of faith. ( Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

Whenever I used to move around my society in which I live I always found street clean and tidy , its a very beautiful lush green sight around my home but at the same time a few plots filled with domestic garbage always made me upset . I used to ask myself ,

why can not we keep our surroundings clean ?

why we throw garbage in these grounds which we can use as play grounds ?

why do not we have containers and proper disposal system for domestic garbage?

But I never thought to take a step to stop this kind of filthy act which is being done by our own hands. But after reading the concept of ‘leading without authority’ I am now thinking to find ways to remove this domestic waste and build a disposal system for domestic garbage.

Problem Statement : Our society does not have a proper disposal system for domestic wastes due to which people are forced to throw the wastes in empty grounds , this act can never be justified , this domestic waste is not only destroying the beauty of our society but is also spreading diseases around.

Following are the points I noticed while visiting these places :

  1. There are no containers that are usually placed in the socities like ours
  2. There is no any service in our society for the disposal of wastes
  3. People are okay with it , they have no problem as they think it (wastes ) do not bother them
  4. People think that their act of throwing wastage is totally justified as they are not provided with it

I called my neighbors and also my friends to my home to discuss this very issue. Their opinions are as follows :

Muzammil : This should be stopped, but people have no problem with it and they are not going to listen to you and you are exagerating this problem

Saad: I think if you talk with people they rae going to listen to you , they are educated enough but you need to give the a satisfying , cheap , reliable alternative solution.

my friends Muzammil and Saad ,talking about this issue

Saad’s really supported me and he thought if I talk more people about it they will definitely work with me to solve this very issue.

I have been thinking of this issue for a very long time but never thought I can contribute to change this situation but this time I think I can convince people of my society to develop our own disposal system. I am confident enough after talking with few of my neighbors and friends that I can solve this issue but it is going to take a lot of struggle , time and investment .

But Big changes require more struggle and patience