Just Start your Goals

Adil Farooq
2 min readApr 2, 2021

a journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.

For a long time I have been learning different skills that I can use online to make money at least that makes me able to pay tution fee. After trying different skills I realized that freelancing is not my thing, my elder has now guided me to learn Daraz to build my own Micro PL business , I love the idea that I do not need any digital skill

What I need is to just learn how to sell on Daraz through a course available on Extreme Commerce website the I am going to sell things on Daraz by myself.

Following are the steps I have divided it into :

  1. Register myself on Extreme Commerce
  2. Start the course
  3. watch the course within 1 month
  4. register myself on Daraz as a seller
  5. keep selling until I can flip my account then start another account
EC website where I am doing Daraz Micro PL course

I have registered myself on the website , enrolled in the course and started watching it . This is my just start towards my goal became possible all because of Amal . I am feeling very confident , I can see my goal being achieved as starting the journey is the real difficult step that has to do if one wants to put step on the moon or win a marathon race.