Reflection on Amal Journey

Adil Farooq
2 min readJun 11, 2021

We learn from Reflecting on our Experience.

I am going to start this reflection by writing my present feelings. Now, when this journey is about to end, I am feeling more confident in my skills, positive about my future but a little sadness is making this scenery foggy. Yeah, at the end of the journey, leaving these amazing people, with such beautiful memories and great learnings brings an emotional feeling.

At the same time, looking at my improved version makes me happy. In these three months, I have pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone. Making videos was the most difficult task for me. I always doubted my communication skills. This journey helped me see myself as someone with good communication skills and the ability to lead a team. No doubt I am now hundred percent more confident in myself.

If I think of the beginning of the journey it was very difficult to even speak up in the sessions. It became possible all because of the comfortable environment that our facilitators provided. I not only started speaking in the session but also gained the confidence to make Intro videos.

Writing blogs improved my writing skills, performing well in the Interviews further boosted my self-belief, Amal courses introduced me to the new concepts and this whole journey inculcated a Growth Mindset in me. I have started a new course on White Board Animation to keep this journey of learning and growth continue.

Talking about the thing that is going to remind me of the Amal is me myself actually the better and improved version of myself. If I talk about one very specific thing then it is my LinkedIn profile.

I was not aware of this platform. Amal helped me build wonderful connections with Professionals on Linkedin. At the end of the blog, I wanna thank every person who made this amazing journey possible for me.

Thanks, Amal.