Reflection on Amal Totkay

Adil Farooq
2 min readApr 9, 2021

Developing a Growth Mindset

We need to keep growing like small seedlings
we need to keep growing like small seelings

As stagnant water is dirty and stinking so it must keep moving to keep itself pure. Similarly , one must keep growing if he/she wants to be productive.

There are following 5 Totkay Amal has introduced to develop a Growth Mindset along with my thoughts on them with practical applications :

  1. self talk :

There is a Japanese quote translated as :

It is a great crime to kill the giant inside you by saying ill about it.

We should always say good things about ourselves , before going to any interview or exam say to yourself loudly that you prepared hard for it and inshallah you are going to rock it . It is scientifically proven that words have deep impact on our behavior , confidence etc.

2. get out of your comfort zone :

If you do not try anything new you can not learn more, for growth learning new things is very important and learning those things that you are feared about like presenting on stage , you can always start with very small goals/challenges to get yourself out of comfort zone like oushing yourself to ask questions in front of people when you are feared that the question might not be a good one and other students might make fun of you.

3. creating new habits :

To keep yourself moving/alive , you need to develop new new habits that makes you more productive like it cam be a habit of reading 5 pages of book each day before going to sleep that helps you improve your vocabulary.

4. Asking 4 help :

For some people asking help from other people is very difficult and it prevents them from getting out of cave they are fallen inside. If you are working to improve your writing skills / morning habits you may ask your near and dear ones to tell you about how much you have improved and hoe they think you can improve more.

5. Fake it or make it :

I liked this Totka the most, it says we need act like untill we make it for example if you are not good at writing stories , you need to act like you are good at writing stories unless you become a good story writer.