Taking Flight

Adil Farooq
3 min readJun 18, 2021


A Reflection on Last sessions of Amal

Whenever someone asks me to describe this journey in a sentence. I always say, Amal has transformed me by giving my energies the right direction.

While writing this last blog of Amal Project work I am feeling sad and happy at the same time. Happy that I have completed this fellowship and became a better version of myself. At the same time, a sadness prevails over me that now I will not be able to see my Amal Fellows every week. I am going to miss the chit-chat of Hurairah and Arshman. Whenever I entered the session, I found these people talking and really enjoyed listening to them. Sometimes pushing my voice into it too. (haha)

Every phase of life has to end. Time flies so quickly, especially the good time. So does the Fellowship is ending here.

Talking about the last sessions. The day when we had to present our presentations I was excited and a little bit nervous. The session started with a chit-chat like always. It helped e cover up the nervousness. Three groups presented their Mega Project, all the ideas were unique. Our fellows identified the problem very well and came up with great solutions. We also presented our presentation, there was a bit of issue due to lack of good internet connection. We explained our idea well and got feedback from ‘Mr.Ghazi’-our accessor. He critically evaluated everything and explained it to us. That feedback is going to help us make our future presentations better. Our group members Esha, Adnan, Alina, Atta ur Rehamn all worked hard for it. Now, the reward was there in the form of feedback and appreciation.

Now talking about the very last session, in which there was no PW discussion but a chit-chat and some amazing games. Sir Saim always came with very interesting games and Mam Sahar makes sure everyone participating in that. I was not able to join the complete session as I was travelling. I was to attend half of the session. Everyone was happy, the smile on each person's face showed their excitement. We played Intaak-shiri. Sir Saim made a Pdlet in which we had to write views about our fellows. It is a different kind of feeling to write about the fellows at the end of the 3-month fellowship. Reading very positive encouraging reviews makes you energetic.

Now, after the fellowship, I am more open to the challenges. I am pushing myself beyond my limits. I am more active in my class. Whenever the teacher asks for Volunteers I always find myself first rather than in the last row.

I have planned to keep in touch with these incredible fellows through WhatsApp, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram. I want to keep the relationship with these beautiful fellows more strong. So, I have planned to share the link to my Friday Blog with the group. This will keep the tie strong.

Surround Yourself with the only people who are going to lift you Higher.

Following are some of the pictures from our last meetup: