Adil Farooq
3 min readMay 21, 2021


Problem statement:

Women in old age homes often get charity but giving charity can only help them financially but not in self-development. Taking charity without doing anything lowers their self-esteem and confidence. Many of these ladies have a certain potential talent and skill in making different items, for example, clothing items, embroidered goods, and also some decorative items. But they do not find any platform to show their products off and sell them.

Theory of change:

If we can inspire them to make things whatever they can make and we ensure them that we will be selling those products, so we can help them by providing employment and a chance of self-development.


Our main goal is to employ unemployed women in old age homes. This project is the blend of an entrepreneurial idea and a social cause. We will be running the business and the profit we made is for our business expansion and the rest of the amount is given to the workers for their welfare.

Business model canvas:

Action Plan of Megaproject


The action plan or timeline we made for this project is following:

Task 1: We looked for the foundation with which we can work. We started working on it on 25th April.

Task 2: We have finalized the Aika foundation and arranged a meeting with the member of this foundation, Mr. Mustafa Chuhan on 4th May.

Task 3: On 8th May, we have gotten pictures of the products which Aika Foundation can provide us.

Products Aika Foundation offered

Task 4: We will be arranging a meeting on 26th May for the finalization of prices with Mr. Mustafa and we will discuss the future agenda of our business.

Task 5: We will be making online shopping pages on Instagram and Facebook on 27th May.

Task 6: We will promote these pages in our family and friends circle as well and start taking orders right when any person approaches us. We will send start-up money to Mr. Mustafa after getting the first order. We will not buy the products wholesale but give orders to the workers when we have a buyer. We will be finishing it on 10th June.

Task 7: The final task is giving the money to the workers. This will be done before completing the Megaproject.

Timeline of activities of megaprojects

Task division:

All the tasks mentioned above are divided between all the 6 members of our group (Megaproject circle 2 of Batch-178).

  1. Online page management : Adnan Manzoor and Atta Ur Rehman
  2. Dealing with the Foundation: Sahar Fatima
  3. Cost management: Alina Fatima
  4. Customers calls, feedback, and supervision: Esha Ameen and Adil Farooq


There are a lot of challenges we have faced so far. We made a few changes in the initial plan because of the available resources we have. The first thing that stressed us is the identification of the organization with which we will be working. We were not able to make deal with some of the organizations. And some foundations we also rejected because they were not assuring us of spending money on the women welfare. We researched a lot for the appropriate organization. Arranging the meetings with the circle and the Aika foundation member was a difficult task because we all have certain time slots in which we were available. We have to see the common time for the meeting. We always have to make an appointment for a meeting with Mr. Mustafa.

The biggest challenge we can anticipate is the promotion of the products and selling. For overcoming this challenge we have planned to promote our products in our family and friend circle first and they can also help us by promoting our online pages. We can also seek help from our friends who are social media bloggers to promote our pages.

We hope to achieve our goals in the meantime.